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Henshin A Nono Baby by DevanMuse
Henshin A Nono Baby
A little more... kinky art. Yeah, I have my moments : /

Sexy Silvia (Viewtiful Joe) and Wonder Pink (Wonderful 101) in copic markers and ink.
Ada Hanging by DevanMuse
Ada Hanging
An old one, from last summer. Experimenting with more graphic design elements, using simple colors and negative space. Done in copic markers.
You'll be Prosecuted to the Full Extent of the Jam by DevanMuse
You'll be Prosecuted to the Full Extent of the Jam
Importing a LOT of old art today.

Just an ink drawing of Big Band from Skullgirls. I love the game to death, even though I have not actually played it, nor am I a fan of fighting games. The animation and characters and art are enough for me. More fun to watch than it is for me to play.
Miss Morgue Reference Sheet by DevanMuse
Miss Morgue Reference Sheet
Reference sheet for a new OC... or rather, an OC i'm only now doing anything particularly big with.

Name: Monica Morgia
Age: 28
Occupation: Professional Singer, Mob Boss
Skin Color: Pale, Light Gray bordering White
Eye Color: Light Blue
Personality: Calm and Cool and Collected, Emotionally reserved, Rarely shows extreme happiness/sadness/anger, Does not fear death nor is she that affected by the death of others

Average Human Female's Strength/Intelligence
General proficiency with firearms and machinery

Hometown: Fortune Waters, Louisiana. A New Orleans-esque city built on a swamp. It's most known for it's Casinos, Dance Clubs, Performing arts, Mafioso, and Burlesque shows. The police are infamously useless, even if they weren't almost all paid off by the Morgias.

Weapons: Small 6-shot revolver and a knife strapped to her right stocking. Can take further weapons up to and including assault rifles from her men. Often takes to swinging around a mic stand as a makeshift club.
Supernatural Ability: Necromancy. Her voice has the uncanny ability to raise the spirits of the dead.
Raised Spirits: Take the form of black skeletons, bathed in eerie green glowing light. They enter the world of the living through cracks that form -- often in the ground or on walls -- connecting the living world to the afterlife. These cracks radiate the green light associated with the dead sprits. Monica does not necessarily have to "sing" to summon them; with her own voice, she can call one or two quickly, but singing is more powerful and draws more of them over at once. As a sort of uniform for her undead mafia, the skeletons all wear dark three piece suits -- black or a very dark gray, never in color. They are often always armed, but in nothing greater than an assault rifle. They are, of course, still skeletons, and are as brittle as such. When one of the spirit's makeshift bodies are damaged or broken apart, they will fall back through a crack into the afterlife. It is important to note, however, that things such as the recoil of their guns or the weight of their weapons/clothes will not cause the skeletons to crumble. However, often when Monica as Monica sings more loudly and powerfully, or her connection with the spirits in stronger, they can form a green spectre resembling their living body. In this form, they do not have to worry about the brittle nature of the skeleton bodies, but can still be taken down the same way with enough punishment to kill a normal human being.

Bio: Monica first discovered her abilities when she was six years old. Her grandmother, with whom she was very close, passed away of age before her very eyes. Grief stricken, she retreated to the swamps just outside her late grandmother's home, and began to sing an improvised tune. Remarkable, some entity whistled the tune back, and before her eyes a black skeleton, bathed in an otherworldly green light, dressed in the clothing of her grandmother, rose from the surface of the murky swamp waters. Instead of being frightened, Monica was ecstatic. She wasn't sure how, but she knew exactly who the figure was, and how she summoned her.
    As she grew older, she refined not only her singing skills, but her ability to raise the dead. She became a celebrity in the big city of Fortune Waters as a Lounger singer, using the raised dead as her band. It was in this career path that she met her love and husband, Keith, who was a hired Goon for the Morgia Crime Family, having since taken the last name "Morgia" for himself, as is tradition in the family. They dated for three years before marrying. Sadly, Keith was betrayed by the Morgias, and was gunned down by his conspirators. 
    Monica did not cry for the death of her husband. Why should she? She speaks with the dead all the time. But when she called Keith from the other side, he was scared; convinced the place he had been sent was hell. For the first time since her grandmother, Monica cried over death. On that night, Monica swore to her late husband that not only would she bring his killers to justice, she would kill everyone with the Morgia name and destory their blood-soaked organization.
    Monica uses an army of the dead, mostly those who have been killed by, or have scores to settle with the Morgia family, as her own Undead Mafia, with the expressed purpose of destroying her enemies.
So yeah. Been a while hasn't it? Classes have kept me busy, and I've been more or less indifferent towards this site for the last month or so. But, figured i might as well start posting again.

The next few things to go live will be some old things I've gotten done months/weeks ago. Crunch time is hitting hard with class, but in a few weeks I should have some time to get to a few new pieces I've wanted to work on.
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