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Genocider Syo, Very Much Syo by DevanMuse
Genocider Syo, Very Much Syo
An old illustration I did of Genocider Syo from Dangan Ronpa. Never played the game, or even watched the anime, but I did watch the abridged series (DRAT-coughcough) and have seen the character designs online. I liked her enough to draw her up.

Ink brush and Colored pencils
Battle Duet page 10 by DevanMuse
Battle Duet page 10
Tried something a little different with this one: ink wash for tone and shading. Got a much better look out of this than my old b&w pages, I like to think. Probably stick with ink washes for the rest of my pages*.

*don't quote me on that

Ink Wash on Bristol Board.

Crystalas's previous entry:…
Doctor Doctor by DevanMuse
Doctor Doctor
Design Notes for a character I'm working on. Will be deleted soon enough.
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 came out recently.... couldn't really resist.
Battle Duet pg 8 by DevanMuse
Battle Duet pg 8
This was sorely overdue.... plus I could only get one page done this time around.

Geh.... I've been an unfortunate combination of uninspired and busy these last few weeks :/ Hopefully I didn't disappoint.

Previous Page:…

You read that right, random person looking at this cartoonist’s deviantart page. I am offering traditional drawing (black and white ink OR colored pencil ) commissions. All sorts of cool looking art pieces and cool doodles you can own. Who wouldn’t want that?

Interested? Contact me at the following email address with your request.

Prices and general commission info are listed below. Read this before you send me an order:

- $10.00 USD for a simple ink drawing of a character *bust* of your choice.

- $12.00 USD for a simple ink drawing of a character *full figure* of your choice. 

- $15.00 USD for a Fully hatched/shaded ink drawing of a character *bust* of your choice.

- $18.00 USD for a Fully hatched/shaded ink drawing of a character *full figure* of your choice.

- $21.00 USD for a Colored drawing of a character *bust* of your choice.

- $23.00 USD for a Colored drawing of a character *full figure* of your choice.

Commission Examples: Example 1 Example 2 Or elsewhere in my gallery.

Additional Options/Fees:

- Additional $2.00 USD for each additional character.

- Additional $3.00 USD for a background.

General request rules and what I will and will not draw:

- Any fandom, OC, or pairing will be accepted.

- “NSFW”? More like “Yes Please!”

- No lolicon/shotacon. I am not going to draw any sort of overt sexual material or underaged people.

-Basically, if it would get you or me arrested if it were a photograph, chances are I won’t draw it.

Additional Information

- Please be able to provide adequate reference for whatever it is you want me to draw, especially for OCs and things that wouldn’t yield in a google search.

- Be sure to specify poses, composition, or any other relevant info in the request if you had any specific ideas for the piece.

- If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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