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The Weird Cartoonist
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Cartoonist & Comic Artist. Hoping to do it professionally REAL soon. Inordinately fixated on themes of music, organized crime, and skeletons... not necessarily in that order or even separately.

**Inquire within about Commissions**


Stiff Neck Princess by DevanMuse
Stiff Neck Princess

How many head jokes are going to be made before the rest of the pictures go up? Taking all bets!

Had to up the saturation on the file so all the colors would be visible. Sorry if it looks a little… wonky in the color department. This is why I like working in ink.

Copic Markers on Smooth 11x14 Bristol Board

Homura did EVERYTHING Wrong by DevanMuse
Homura did EVERYTHING Wrong

Second up, Homura Akemi, AKA Weird Time Shit. In all fairness, she was doing okay until the end there…

Copic Markets on Smooth 11x14 Bristol Board

Meduca Meguca by DevanMuse
Meduca Meguca

I’ve been REAL busy these last few months, if my own lack on art updates here (or anywhere else) wasn’t enough of an indication of that. There was the last month or two of my previous semester, and these last few months I’ve been putting the screws towards launching a project a literal year in the making (my workflow up to this point has been kinda shit) that should be seeing something resembling the light of existence this Fall. Couple that with trying to find some work, comics-related or otherwise, and anyone could understand my absence from anywhere.

HOWEVER! A month or so ago, I had the chance to watch Madoka Magica for the first time. I enjoyed it. I was then compelled to draw the characters. Which I did. I’ve been sitting on these drawings for so long because the paper is too big to scan normally, and I haven’t had the wherewithal to trek to any copy shops to get them done. But I’ve finally found that elusive wherewithal, and can now share them.

First up, Madoka herself, and that evil space ferret everyone wants to pulverize into the pavement.

Ink and Copic Markers on Smooth 11x14 Bristol Board.

Genocider Syo, Very Much Syo by DevanMuse
Genocider Syo, Very Much Syo
An old illustration I did of Genocider Syo from Dangan Ronpa. Never played the game, or even watched the anime, but I did watch the abridged series (DRAT-coughcough) and have seen the character designs online. I liked her enough to draw her up.

Ink brush and Colored pencils
Battle Duet page 10
Tried something a little different with this one: ink wash for tone and shading. Got a much better look out of this than my old b&w pages, I like to think. Probably stick with ink washes for the rest of my pages*.

*don't quote me on that

Ink Wash on Bristol Board.

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